Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Diamond Anniversary!

Well it is Nan and Granddad's 60th Anniversary tomorrow... so time to celebrate!  
I have used Fancy Grace Open Book by Amanda Davis (join her Facebook group to purchase and get some great inspirations and friendly advice) cut on my Silhouette Cameo of course.  
The heart is made using a Silhouette File "2 Doily Hearts" by Lori Whitlock from the Silhouette shop. Design ID #37917
The card is a mix of matt white cardstock, "diamond glitter" cardstock and gold mirror-card.
We had a little celebration when our modifications on the Sketch Pen worked - Mr Tom drilled a perfectly sized hole in the lid of the Red Sketch Pen (that never worked) which now fits normal sized gel pen innards.
I hope they like it!

This one shows the glitter a little better... its so hard to photograph lol...

Ok Happy Crafting




  1. can u give us the file free x

  2. Sorry Anonymous the beautiful book file from Amanda was free to me but is not distributable. If you join her Facebook Group you will enjoy lots of great inspirations and a few freebies :-)


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