Monday, March 3, 2014

Vinyl Galore!

Well talk about a snowball effect... Tina asked me to do one vinyl job (before I had even opened the vinyl to have a go for myself) and now I find myself with several requests for vinyl (not going to mention the fact that my vinyl supplier is "out of stock" - guess I am getting a new supplier!).

What I did for Tina... I love this :-) and so does she which is waaaay more important!

This went through the post in a tube pack... came out unscathed!

Today among other vinyl jobs I worked on I got a chuckle out of one job and was happy to oblige a fellow sci-fi fan!  I think the Darth Vader is awesome... I believe it is spray painted... this could easily be vinyled too!  (Oh the possibilities!)

"Come to the Dark Side.  We have beer" is in Star Jedi Font...

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