Monday, March 11, 2013

5 Minute Make

5 Minute Make…

Yes really… 5 minutes… which makes it perfect for the in a hurry Oh My Gosh I need a card already moments… Admit it we have all had one of those moments!

Use a Diffuser on your Swiss dots folder through your Cuttlebug (or other embossing machine).  If you don’t have a diffuser click here and make one.  With the Diffuser I made It is the same depth as the B plate for my Cuttlebug so my Sandwich was A, B, Swiss dots folder with cardstock, Diffuser.  (Don’t force anything through your Cuttlebug… they CAN break!)

Ignore the “Embossing only” as it is there so I don’t cut using my newer B plates!

Trim the cardstock you just embossed as this will be your card front.  Use an embossing board/ scoreboard/ embossing tool/ ruler and craft foam (gently) to score a square frame around the un-embossed area.

Use a Spellbinders square and your cuttlebug to cut and emboss a square to fit within the frame you just embossed and then emboss or stamp with a sentiment. 

I used the “Thank You” from the Best Friends Cuttlebug folders.  Then mount with foam squares in the frame and then mount your embossed panel onto your card using double sided and you are DONE.
Happy Crafting…
Sarah x

PS No responsibility taken if you break your Cuttlebug or plates doing this ;-)

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