Monday, March 11, 2013

Stop the edge lines from the embossing folder!


A really quick one... to stop the lines from the edges of your embossing folders, especially the narrow ones you can swap out your B plate with a strip of self healing mat...

I cut my self healing mat (note a second self healing mat protecting my desk!) into strips using a sharp craft knife and steel ruler.  I had to cut the same line several times then bend the mat back gently to break the inside material then cut through the back cover.

I needed the strips to be wide enough to cover a design and narrow enough to not cover the edges of the embossing folder.

So to emboss normally the sandwich would be A plate, B plate, embossing folder and cardstock, B plate… this results in the line where the edge of the folder is unless you can manage to put the B plate right on the edge of the pattern and not the edge of the folder.

To use the strips of self healing mat the sandwich is A plate, B plate, embossing folder and cardstock and strip of self healing mat.  There is NO second B plate.  The result is no folder line at the edge… much better!

Just a reminder, never force anything through your Cuttlebug.  The Cuttlebug and the plates can break!  (In other words if YOU break Your machine it is not my fault!)

This method can be used to make stripes of patterns from your bigger embossing folders too!  If you haven't already check out how to make a diffusion plate for your bigger folders by clicking here!

Happy Crafting

Sarah x

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  1. clever girl:)I wish I had a spare self healing mat! I wonder if a mouse mat would do the trick?


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