Monday, March 11, 2013

How to make a diffuser for my Cuttlebug.

Diffusers for Cuttlebug.

Ok a little while back someone mentioned making void spaces in the embossing using diffusers made of self healing cutting mats… so since I had an old self healing mat that had definitely seen better days… I decided to upcycle it… and besides the shops don't carry the pre-made ones here!

The How to is basic… I took my old self healing mat.
I cut a shape out of the old self healing mat that I DO want embossing… so in this case the size of my average embossing folder… NOTE I have a second self-healing mat underneath to protect my desk.... definitely a good idea!
I found scoring the same line over and over with my craft knife then bending the self healing mat back away from the line on either side opened up the centre material leaving me with only the other side to cut.  My steel ruler and spare knife blades were definitely needed!

I then cut out the shape that I did NOT want embossing from the piece…  I used my spellbinders to make the shapes for me to cut out to give me a guideline.  Circles were a lot harder!  The frames I made should make some gorgeous cards too J  
NOTE the sandwich for using the spellbinders with the cutting mat... 
A Plate, Cutting Mat, spellbinder C plate... there is NO B plate! ;-)

I have now used these to make some cards using my A plate, B plate, embossing folder with cardstock and then the diffuser… I did NOT need a second B plate with this, the frame I made becomes the B plate.

Do NOT force anything through your Cuttlebug/die-cutting machine… Your machine can break... so can your plates... see my dear old C plate below... (read this as I take no responsibility if YOU break YOUR machine!)... 

this works on my machine so thought I would share what I did… 

Happy Crafting… Sarah x

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  1. Brill sarah,thanks for the tut.
    hugs adie

  2. great idea - I was just looking at diffusing sheets and wondering how I could make my own - brilliant:)


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